Make your bookkeeping easy... stop doing it in-house!


If you haven't figured out or heard why outsourcing your bookkeeping is
better than hiring an employee then click the image below.


Now that we are on the same page, lets look at what we will be doing for you.

1. Gather Data

Set us up with view-only online access so we can gather bank statements and accounting data. This is the most efficient way to send us data (and its less work for you and your team). The other option would be to send us your bank statements. The best choice for your church would depend on your bank(s) and your church's leadership.

2. Enter Data

We enter all transactions and categorize them according to your churches chart of accounts and/or by ministry expense. We recognize that each church, though similar, may want to see different reports. We will enter the data in a way that creates reports that fit your church/board needs. 

3. Send Reports

We can produce and send reports at whatever frequency you choose. Usually this revolves around board meetings but the schedule is unique to each church or ministry. This includes standard reports as well as any insightful and/or specific ministry reports you require for you and your board. 

We can create a tailor-made process for you once we go over your needs in the on-boarding process.
As stated above, this includes custom time tables for bookkeeping and reporting, custom reports and more.