We view our business as a ministry  


Thrive's Team is made up of Christ followers who emulate His character in their work. Thrive runs on flexible hours so our Team can be present in their ministries at church and at home. We search for opportunities to share and represent Christ to our clients. We are seeking to assist other ministries who are also working to advance the Kingdom of God and that is how Thrive was launched!

Thrive @ HarQuin was born out of a desire to help churches in the area where we are gifted; finances. Our philosophy is that bookkeeping should be easy because YOU shouldn't have to do it. We found a way for churches to better steward their money by re-purposing their current staff or volunteer bookkeepers. We discovered that the individuals who were doing the books were doing so because there was a need but they were better equipped for other ministries in the church. However due to their commitment to the church bookkeeping they didn't have the time to server anywhere else. Likewise churches were paying for the individual to be on staff full time and could have saved money by outsourcing to us.

If any of this sounds familiar let us be the solution to the problem and hire us! We work well with processes already in place and offer suggestions to make the running of your finances smoother, more efficient, and cost effective. 


Team Members

Portraits by Isabel & Allen Portraits

Lindsey Sryock-Roberts

Client Relations & Onboarding

Tania Felger 

Accounting Coordinator/Bookkeeper


Angella Kerchner

Payroll Administrator


Laura Kinney

Payroll Assistant/Bookkeeper




Kendra Jones