"There is peace of mind in knowing they are competent and accurate and able to get me and my team what we need to make decisions and cast vision for our giving." 
Pastor Steve Combs - Leave A Mark Church

Jonathan Barker  Pastor - Thornville Community Nazarene

Jonathan Barker

Pastor - Thornville Community Nazarene


Hey There. My name is Jonathan Barker and I became a lead pastor for the first time in November 2014. As it should be for all pastors, making sure that the finances were in order at the church was and still is a priority for me. Many churches feel that the smaller that their budget it is, the easier it is to manage. It is my opinion that the smaller that the budget is, the more closely it needs managed. Thrive has helped me establish custom reports, created on a monthly basis, that are both accurate and easy to read. After my first year at the church, our finances look better than they ever have before. While we certainly glorify God for this increase, the team at Thrive has helped me realize where our spending is taking place in a more clear and concise fashion. I greatly value the gifts that each person in the church commits to the kingdom of God through their financial giving. Working with Thrive helps me be rest assured that our money is going where it should go, and doing what it should do. Working with Lindsey, Angella, and Emily is always a pleasure as they are quick to answer, polite, and kingdom-minded as well.

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Tracy Burleson  Former Director - Ohio Women's Refuge

Tracy Burleson

Former Director - Ohio Women's Refuge


I have worked with HarQuin Bookkeeping for several years, both personally and professionally.  As I reminisce over all that this team has done to help make my life, my business and God's ministry less time consuming with numbers and filings, I am moved to tears and ever so grateful for their loving care for all that pertains to me.  Thrive @ HarQuin is not just a bookkeeping/accounting firm, they are like family.  They are devoted to their clients and committed to excellence.  I can call on them to take care of every detail.  I am forever thankful for all of them. They work so hard, so I don't have to be concerned with the overload. May God bless them as they serve all who come to Thrive @ HarQuin.

Greg Moss  Treasurer - Hearts for the Lost

Greg Moss

Treasurer - Hearts for the Lost


My name is Greg Moss. I am the treasurer for Hearts for the Lost Ministries; A non – profit Christian Evangelism ministry based out of Elgin SC. Thrive @ HarQuin has been helping our organization since  July of 2014. The good folks there have provided us with monthly reports exactly tailored to our needs. I also greatly appreciate their expert advice on QuickBooks software and accounting techniques and principals. I am neither a professional accountant nor even an experienced bookkeeper but the folks at Thrive are always looking out for me and ensuring I am able to keep the best records possible. I enjoy their easy to use cloud based access to our account. This access is always reliable and reachable from anywhere.

Thank you to Thrive @ HarQuin for excellent professional accounting service. I would fully recommend all of their services.